About Three Brothers Bats

Our story –

What draws a person to decide to make baseball bats? Tim Schneider started making them because he loves the game of baseball and wanted to swing a better bat than the one he owned at the time. So, in 2013 he bought a lathe, a few chisels and got a chunk of wood from his friend. The first bat wasn’t great, but things have steadily been changing, and what started as a labor of love has turned into a thriving small business. Today, there are ball players of all ages and levels around the Midwest who swing a Three Brothers Bat for the very same reason Tim started to make them—a love for the game and a desire for quality.

TBB took shape in 2015, in the Schneider brothers’ hometown of West Salem, WI. The first bats were made in the boys’ parents’ two-car garage. Today, Three Brothers Bats makes their maple, birch, and ash bats in a historic building in downtown West Salem, WI, located right across the street from the baseball field where Tim hit his first home run. The building has served many purposes over the years – once a farmer’s co-op, a train depot, and even the local hardware store – it has always been a vital part of West Salem’s rich history. TBB is excited to breathe new life into it and call it home. The bats have received praise nationally and the company has grown steadily every year since its inception, with more and more ball players swinging TBB bats each season.


Our background –

Baseball has always been a big part of our family, and we are thrilled to continue to be involved in the game through TBB. Tim and Mike played college ball at the University of Wisconsin-Stout and Dan played at Olivet Nazarene University. The brothers still play amateur ball locally in Wisconsin and TBB is the growing favorite among players in the area.


A message from the brothers –

You may have seen our motto which is “Join the Family”. Those are more than just words to us, as we put that motto to practice every day. A true family business, the Schneider brothers and our dad handle 100% of the production of the bats from start to finish. Every bat is crafted using prime grade split-stock lumber; the highest quality wood on the market sourced from the Northeast region of the United States. Between the quality of the wood that we source, and the high standards and attention to detail that we demand, the resulting products have proven to be of the highest quality in the industry. Baseball is a passion of ours. We bring that passion to work with us each day as we strive to make the highest quality wood bats as a display of appreciation for the players who make the decision to join our family.

Founder/Bat Maker

President/Marketing & Sales

Finance Director